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Glowing Transformations Essay Sample

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Essay # 1. Meaning of Bacteria. The bacteria constitute a very wide group of microorganisms that exhibit a fascinating diversity in morphology, habitat, nutrition, metabolism, and reproduction. The purpose of this lab was to observe if the GFP would be transferred to the E.

Coli bacteria through the pGLO plasmid. We hypothesized that only plate 4 would both grow and glow due to it being the only plate containing the necessary arabinose to activate the gene.

Glowing Transformations Essay Sample. Abstract. In this experiment, the idea is to become familiar with the transformation of cells. A well thought out procedure, involving a heat shock procedure, a good antibiotic, an inducer known as arabinose to show the newly expressed DNA by a visible fluorescent glow, and a stable control group is what contributes to this experiments thoroughness.

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AP Bio pGLO Transformation Formal Lab Report Essay Sample

Measuring the growth of ampicillin resistant bacteria Aim: The aim to this lab is it makes the bacteria (E. coli) ampicillin resistant/5(1). Example, maybe more bacteria growth or more transformations so the changes become really clear.

Also, it could be used to see what other genes can be turned on or off. All in all, the lab was fun and a success in transforming the bacteria, e-coli, into one that is antibiotic resistant and into one that can glow. In this lab experiment, E. coli bacteria is used because it is singled-cell.

The pGLO plasmid will be inserted into E.

Pglo Transformation Essay

coli bacteria, and it contains the gene for green fluorescence protein (GFP). According to Bacterial Transformation, with Special References to Recombination Process, GFP is a protein that allows bacteria to Florence.

Glowing bacteria lab essay example
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